Q. When should I water....

A. It depends on how you water. If you use a soaker hose or direct water below the foliage with a watering wand, you won't be wetting the leave, then it makes no difference as to when you water.

If you overhead water or use a sprinkler, its best to water in the early morning. Its usually cooler then, you'll lose less water to evaporation, so more will soak into the ground and get to the roots. The plants will get a good supply of water to face the heat of the day.

No time to water early in the morning? Later on is fine as well-just be sure to do it early enough so the leaves dry before dark. If the leaves stay wet overnight, the plants will be more likely to get a fungal diseases.

Q. How do I grow Day Lilies?

A. Full sun is best, although a little afternoon shade in the south keeps flowers from fadings, especially dark colors. Most daylilies will tolerate quite a bit of shade, but they won't flower as much. They may rot in soil that stays too wet, so choose a well drained location.

Once daylilies are established, they are pretty drought tolerant. However they'll bloom better and be healthier with plenty of water, general rule is one inch per week.

Fertilize day lilies in the spring with all purpose fertilizer.

Q. How do I divide my Day Lilies?

A. You can divide day lilies any time except in the heat of summer, the best time is late summer or early fall. (Divide rebloomers in the spring) Most cultivars need to be divided every 5-7 years.

Dig up the entire clump. and tip it on its side. Use a spade or knife to cut the clump into for to six divisions, each division should have one or two strong foliage fans. Replant the divisions at the same depths as they were originally planted. Trim off any brown or damaged foliage. Keep the new transplants well-watered.

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